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Classification is a technique of predicting the class of new data using a pre-trained model built using the historical data.
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Regression is a statistical measurement used in finance, investing and other disciplines that attempts to determine the strength of the relationship between one dependent variable (usually denoted by Y) and a series of other changing variables (known as independent variables)
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Time Series Analysis

Time series analysis application predicts future values of time series data based on previously observed values. Time series is a sequence of data points in chronological sequence, most often gathered in regular intervals
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Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting is a statistical measurement(type of a regression problem) for estimation of probable demand for a product in future. It is based on the analysis of past demand of that product, or service in the present market condition, or some factors/events already occured or may occure in the future.
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Price Forecasting

Price Forecasting is a statistical measurement(type of a regression problem) that attempts to predict a commodity/product/service price by evaluating various factors/events(known as independent variables in data set), which responsible for changing price in the market.
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Churn Analysis

Churn Analysis application predicts the customer churn score that indicates the probability of customer getting churned. Churn analysis is modeled as a typical classification problem. Training data is generated from the historical sales and payment data, a target label is assigned to each customer indicating whether he has churned or not. This training data is used to train a model which will be used to predict the churn score of new customers.
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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the process of assigning values, either numerical points or a label to each lead you generate for the business. You can score or classify your leads based on multiple attributes, including the professional information they've submitted to you and how they've engaged with your website and brand across the internet.

Renewal Propensity

Renewal Propensity is a type of classification problem used to predict whether an existing user or customer will renew his/her subscription or discontinue the subscription, based on the historical data.
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Recommendation Solution(Cross Sell)

Recommendation Solution is a system that seeks to predict and show the items that a user would like to purchase. Recommendation basically are data filtering tools that make use of algorithms and data to recommend the most relevant items to a particular user.
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Searchable PDF Convertor

Using this application, you can convert any document to searchable-PDFs.
Searchable-PDFs are used to build Cognitive Document Understanding solutions like Named Entity Extraction, Document Classification etc.
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Image To Text (OCR)

OCR (Optical character recognition) is a process of classifying optical patterns contained in a digital image.That is our Image to Text solution. You feed in an image to the application template and you get an extracted text.

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Document Extraction Model Builder

Document Extraction is a method of extracting fields/entities from documents Example Company name, Person Name, Dates, Location, Contact details, Prices etc from Images, PDFs etc.
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