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Time Series Analysis

Time series analysis application predicts future values of time series data based on previously observed values. Time series is a sequence of data points in chronological sequence, most often gathered in regular intervals

How to Build my first Time Series application

Data Preparation

The data set used for building time series analysis app should have the following fields:

Type Field Name Indicator Description
String date Timeline of the data This field should contain the date or time of the records in any valid format
Numerical target Variable This field should contain the numerical variable whose value needs to be predicted for future dates

Build App

  1. Go to the app store, build a time series analysis app by searching for Time Series Forecasting
  2. You will be redirected to the app settings page where you can configure and run the app
  3. Under Quick Settings,
    3.1. Select an existing dataset or upload a new dataset and click Save
    3.2. Select the target field, the field whose future values you want to predict, and click Save
    3.3. Select, the date field from the drop down and click Save
    3.4. Enter the date-format, period and period unit and save each of them
  4. Now click on Run Now to start the app. The app runs for up to 5-10 minutes and then the forecasted results will be produced.


The app will produce a CSV file with the same header as in the input file containing future dates and values of the target variable predicted for these dates

Go ahead and build your first Time Series Analysis