# Data Store ### Datoin Data Store is a facility to store and manage data uploaded by users and generated by user activity like job runs, annotations etc. [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FK3M9S1PAI&feature=youtu.be){.youtube} ---- ## Data Set Data set is a collection of homogeneous or hetrogeneous files. A data set can contain files of type `csv`, `pdf`, `docx`,`xlxs`, images etc. It can contain one or more items. A Dataset can be categorized as 1. **Structured Data Set** : All items of the data set are is structured data and belong to a particular type, eg: CSVs, XML etc... 1. **Semi Structured Data Set**: All items of data set belong to the same type but are not similar by structure, eg: PDFs, images etc... 1. **UnStructured Data Set**: Items are hetrogeneous and are not similar by structure or file type. *Note: The above categorization is decided when uploading the first item of the dataset and can't be changed later.* --- ## Uploading a Dataset Simple! Head over to the DataSet section on the sidebar and click on upload dataset option. Then drag and drop your file or select it from your computer, name it click on upload. ---- ## Folders Folders in the Data Store facilitate the organization of Datasets as a hierarchical structure to allow easier browsing. ------ ## Creating a Folder Click on the **Create Folder** button on the top right of the Data Set Page and give it a name. ----- ## Dataset Schema For structured datasets, schema denotes the structure of the data uploaded: Fields and its type. This information is then used by Datoin to process you data. ----- ## Public Datasets For convenience, we have uploaded some sample datasets to be used with the apps build from the app store. These data sets are available in the `Public` directory.